Furniture Care

Solid wood furniture is a great investment in your home. Like any investment, though, it needs proper care and attention. Follow the steps above and your furniture will be a long-lasting symbol of sophistication and timeless beauty that will last years.


 Please note: Absolutely avoid using solvents, water, hot or cold objects on the furniture for the first month while the finish cures.

  • Avoid placing your furniture under direct sunlight and/or near radiators.
  • In winter use a humidifier and control humidity from 40 – 45%
  • For cleaning, you may use a damp cloth. Dry immediately with a soft cloth and buff lightly, following the grain.
  • Also, occasionally polish the non-painted furniture parts with bees wax to retain sheen and for longer lifespan. Do not use any polish like pledge or anything containing silicon.
  • Sweat from a cold glass or heat from a hot beverage can penetrate the finish and leave a white ring on your tabletop. Always use a coaster.

The finish is durable and resistant to most household spills. However, spills should be wiped up promptly to avoid potential problems. For most routine cleaning, a soft damp cloth with warm, soapy water will do the trick.


  • To remove everyday household dust and dirt, clean by gently vacuuming the fabric with an upholstery brush.
  • Periodic cleaning of the entire product is required to maintain appearance and to reduce premature wear and fading.

  • Do not rub, soak the fabric or allow stain to dry.

  • Do not use proprietary cleaner or any other household cleaners.

  • Contact professional upholstery cleaner.